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1200 Extruded Aluminum Backdraft Damper (Formerly BDD)

The Ventex 1200 (In-Duct Frame)/1205 (Flange Frame)/1207 (Front Flange Frame) is a superior concept in back draft dampers. This unique AMCA Licensed, all-aluminium product eliminates the shortcomings of previous designs on the market. Pivot pins that quickly wear out or rust out, or rivets that shake loose and pull through the blade are no longer a problem. The extruded blades are engineered to combine strength and durability with smooth operation by virtue of their aerodynamic design. For motorized operation see Model Series 1300.

Depth Blades Closed:
Depth Blades Open:
Frame Thickness:
Frame Style:
Blade Thickness:
Blade Centres:
Blade Seals:
Minimum Height:
Maximum Panel Height:
Maximum Panel Width:
2 3/4" (70 mm)
5 5/8" (143 mm)
Extruded 6063 - T5 Aluminum
0.062" (1.57 mm)
1200 In-Duct Mount, 1205 Flange Frame, 1207 Front Flange Frame
0.062" (0.57 mm)
3 3/4" (95 mm)
Integrated vinyl blade seals on each blade
9" (229 mm)
60" (1524 mm)
Single panel 40" (1016 mm). Double panel within a single frame 60" (1524 mm) overall size.
• Counter balancing without springs
• Conduit hole
• Galvanized bird screen
• Aluminum bird screen
• Insect Screen
• For motorized operation see Model Series 1300
• Manual locking device to keep blades open
• Manual operation complete with 6 ft. of chain