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3160/3161/3165/3167 Extruded Aluminum Control Damper

The Alumavent 3160/3161/3165/3167 is an extruded aluminum, airfoil blade control damper. Its design allows it to be used in either an exhaust or intake system. The damper blade pivots in the middle, which makes it easier to open, by balancing the positive and negative pressure on both sides of the blade. The dual-durameter extruded santoprene rubber blade and jamb seals provide lowest leakage characteristics. The 3160/3161/3165 is AMCA Certified for Air Leakage and Air Performance.

Depth Blades Closed:
Depth Blades Open:
Frame Thickness:
Blade Style:
Blade Thickness:
Frame Style:
Minimum Height:
Maximum Panel Width:
Maximum Panel Height:
Standard Finish:
Standard Motor Installation:
3160/3165/3167: 4" (102 mm).    3161: 5-1/4" (133 mm)
6 1/8" (156 mm)
Extruded 6063-T5 Aluminum
0.081" (2.06 mm)
3160-OB Opposed Blade, 3160-PB Parallel Blade
0.081" (2.06 mm)
Moulded Synthetic (Acetal)
Co-extruded Santoprene rubber blade and jamb seals
3/8" Aluminum Square Bar
3160/3161 In-Duct  / 3165 Flange-to-Duct  / 3167 Flanged One Side
8" (203 mm) Single Blade / 15" (381 mm) Multiple Blade
48" (1219 mm)
60" (1524 mm)
Does not exceed 3 cfm/ft² (15.2 l/s/m²) at 1" w.g. (0.25 kPa)
Side shaft direct drive, extendable up to 6" (152 mm)
• Factory supplied/installed actuators (Consult Alumavent)
• Jack shafts
• End switch for signaling peripheral devices
• Hand Quadrants
• Chain Operation for manual operation spring closed
• Silicone blade and jamb seals (Model Series 3160SS)
• Salt Water Construction (Model Series 3160SW)