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Model 4600 Rectangular, Vee-Blade, 1/4 Inch Plate Construction

Alumavent Model 4600 is an extra heavy duty industrial damper featuring standard 1/4" plate steel frame and blades construction. Triple-vee blade design is suitable for higher pressure applications.

Frame: 8” x 2” x ¼”(203 x 51 x 6.35 mm)epoxy coated plate steel channel.

Blades: Approx.10” (254 mm) deep on 9” (229 mm) centers, ¼” (6.35 mm) thick epoxy coated plate steel vee-blade.Parallel action standard.

Blade Seals:EPDM rubber.

Jamb Seals:Stainless Steel compression type.

Bearings: External bolt-on ball bearing type.

Axles:       ¾”(19)diameterplated steel.

Linkage:  Heavy duty side linkage, out of airstream.

Minimum Size: Single blade 10”w x 12”h (254 x 305 mm).

                            Multiple blade 10”w x 22” (254 x 559mm).

Maximum Size: 48”w x 72”h (1219 x 1829 mm) single panel. Contact factory for multiple section units.

Maximum Temperature: 250⁰F (121 C).

Maximum System Pressure: 48” wide blade: 28 in.w.g. (7 kPa).

       12” wide blade: 45 in. w.g. (11 kPa).

Maximum System Velocity:  5000 fpm (25.4 m/s).

Leakage:Does not exceed 10 CFM/ft2 (34 L/s/m2) against 4 in. w.g(1 kPa) differential static pressure at 40° F. 

  • Non-standard flange width or frame depth
  • Outboard bearings with seal
  • Silicone blade seals
  • Heavy duty hand locking quadrants
  • Bolt holes in flanges
  • Heavy duty jackshaft
  • Stainless Steel construction